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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

During our week at the cottage, we took a few little side trips to small towns for lunch and a little window shopping. Our cottage was really close to Gananoque (pronounced GAN-AN-AWK-WAY - some people think it's French and don't pronounce the que) so we took a trip in town for some groceries and lunch.

We discovered a really funky place called the Pig Iron Barbecue. It had a coffee shop attached called the Socialist Pig Coffeehouse. I think they like pork. Actually I know they like pork because one of the main items on the menu is a pulled pork sandwich. Mmm pulled pork.

Side story: I once stopped eating pork for four years because I felt bad for the pig in the movie Babe. I fell in love with pigs after that and everyone gave me pig things for my birthday and Christmas. After four years of being pig-free, I couldn't live without bacon anymore so I fell off the pig wagon. Poor Babe.

But I digress.

We checked out this Pig Iron place and it was so cute.

We had lemonade and a delicious lunch

While Leo ate his hand off...

The coolest parts of this place were actually in the coffee shop.

Vintage suitcase tables! Tres cool.

Need a book with your latte? They've got you covered.

So next time you're in Gan, check this place out - there's actually a clothing store attached to these two places, so really, you'd never have to leave this part of town. ;)

Pig Iron/Socialist Pig Coffeehouse

21 King St. E.,
Gananoque, ON
K7G 1E8

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  1. Stephania,
    I LOOOOOVE this place. I know it very well. I loved every moment we shared in there. During our visit, the restaurant was not open yet but we can hear the construction guys hard at work :)
    We loved it so much, that we made it our last stop before leaving town.
    Thank you for blogging about it! Great pictures.


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