On a mission to make real food cool

Friday, September 23, 2016

The other day I made potato leek soup and after a bit of coercing (it was green) the kids lapped it up. I asked them if they wanted it for lunch the next day and they both said yes.

Fast forward to the next morning to when I mentioned the soup that I was going to put in their lunch they both instantly said no and when I asked why, they said they didn't want their friends to comment on how it looks.


So It's already starting. Did I mention my kids are 5.5 and 4? Are kids seriously making comments already about other kids lunches?

I told them then and there that I make food different and yes it's going to look different sometimes. It's going to be green. It's going to be hearty. There will be no goldfish crackers in their lunch unless I make them. Yeah, I'm that mom.

And guess what? I vow not to back down. I am not going to change what I feed my kids because other kids at school don't like how it looks or smells.

So right now I'm making this my mission: I want to make real food cool. If I have to make it look cute so be it.

Real food is cool people. Let's join together in this uphill battle. We'll get there.

This fall I've joined the Academy of Culinary Nutrition where I'll be learning the ins and outs of how to cook and eat for health. You can follow my culinary adventures here and on Instagram (@lealoulemonade).

Cheers. Here's to health.

Designer feature: GANTlights

Sunday, July 31, 2016

1 || Triangulated Hanging Lamp
2 || Cubic Hanging Lamp
3 || Triangulated Hanging Lamp - dark gray concrete
4 || Concrete Wall Lamp

"I have continuously handcrafted luminaries which playfully mix experimental forms and materials such as concrete and gold, resulting in a stunning aesthetic contrast." --Stefan Gant, GANTlights.

Born in Bavaria, Stefan Gant created GANTlights in 2012 after completing his Masters in Architecture in Munich after which he completed his Masters in Architecture in Berlin. Gant combines raw concrete with hits of metallics to create elegant lights for the home or studio.

I was immediately drawn to these pieces for their simplicity and beauty. I'm always amazed how designers can create gorgeous works of art with simple media like concrete.

Find GANTlights on Etsy here or visit the website here for more information. You can also follow GANTlights on Instagram for gorgeous photos!

Want to get to know my style better? Just ask Etsy. Or the Internet...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I know I write about Etsy a lot... well when I'm on here. But they've truly got me every time I go to the site. There's a section called Our picks for you that I love. It's like a bunch of little surprise gifts that are waiting just for me! How do they know me so well? And then I remember that the Internet has a weird and creepy algorithm following my every move.

Whatever, I'll take it!

Ok so here is what was waiting for me in my Our Picks for You list today so you can get to know me a bit better like the Internet does...

1 | Geometric Serving Dishes | Convivial Production
4 | Cup Set | Yield Design Co.
5 | Shopper YUNA | eleven elephant
6 | Summer Berry Bowl | Urban Cartel
7 | Swiss Cross Pouch | Zana Products
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