my {messy} sewing room

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't you love those posts all over the net of the beautiful sewing rooms full of perfection? Me too.

This is what mine looks like right now. One day I'll clean it up but part of me likes the craziness of it all. I like having my own room where I can just drop stuff wherever I want it. I think some people call this an 'organized mess'.

It's not really far off from when I showed it to you last time is it...

ok so here's the hot place bag I made

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I told you before that I made a bag to bring to the hot place I went to. But this hot place bag made me angry and at times sad because I L.O.V.E the fabric and I feel like I wasted it making this bag.

Yes it looks pretty (sorry this is the closest I have to the final version in pics). I know. I love the way it looks. But the darn thing wouldn't be able to carry much more then my flip flops, towel and maybe my copy of Eat, Pray, Love. (Did you read that book? What did you think?).

I made the bag from a pattern out of that nice book pictured above that my lovely mom gave me for Christmas. I must have stared at the picture of the bag for hours because I loved it so much. So I started sewing, and it all went down hill when I got to the handles. NOW those who know me well, know I don't like to follow patterns or recipes but honestly I followed this one to a T (tee?). Ok one thing I could have done differently is use some interfacing in the handles -- that IS my fault.

For the most part the bag was fun to make and pretty simple but I go confused when it came to the handles. With my bags, I sew all around the outter fabric, then I put them inside out and together and tuck the handles in the bag, sew around the top leaving a 4 inch hole, invert the bag, sew the perimeter including the hole and voila the bag is done. BUT this bag had me making the bulk of the bag first and then building the handles separately and I was to fold the handles somehow over top the rest of the bag and it would all fit beautifully and angels would sing in the heavens. Aawwwwwwww!

But instead I tore the thing apart three times and then just figured out my own way of attaching them because it just wasn't working for me. After some swearing and shots of vodka (not really but it sounds tough), I got it done. It wasn't pretty but at least I was able to bring it to the beach.

Ya win some. Ya lose some!

sorry, we are open

Monday, March 15, 2010

Well my hot vacation is over and now I feel like I need another one to recoup. We went to Los Cabos, Mexico and what a pretty place. Lots of water, sand, good food, yummy drinks and fun new friends.

We stayed at the Barceló Los Cabos Palace Deluxe which is near San Jose. Don't judge, but the deciding factor was the fact it has a facebook page. I loved reading comments of those who were there already and what we should look out for. Ahh what the hay, we said. Let's go for it.

In all honesty, we're not much for the all-inclusive, but we were just yearning for a hot beach spot where we could do nothing. This was it. Barcelo was fun; the food was really good, everything was clean and the scenery was beautiful. We couldn't swim in the water because of a massive undertow (the sound of the waves crashing into the beach vibrated our patio doors and woke us up on the middle of the night they were so loud) but that was fine with me. I don't like water type animals that could eat me whole in one gulp anyhow.

While we were down there, we hung out with some fun Canadians and Americans, but we realized that the majority of the resort was Canadians... and once you get a bunch of Canadians in the room, we say sorry a lot (Sorry, sorry, excuse me, sorry...) Dunno why. It's just a Canadian thing to do. On one of our trips into town we found this sign and thought it was just the most hilarious thing. Must be a Canadian expat that owns the place ;)


Monday, March 01, 2010

Well the Olympics are done (YAY Canada!) and I just finished a new bag, but I can't show you yet because it was from a pattern and I had some frustrations with it and I need some time to get my thoughts together.

So for now, I thought I would show you some more shots from my childhood.

I find this one particularly funny:

I shouldn't really show you because it makes me look like I was such a wimp that I couldn't even press a cutter into dough. But look at the hair. Now that's hair. I had my first perm when I was in grade 3 after which I must have had 20. My poor sister Stacey is probably showing the one and only cookie we have so far because I'm taking so long to do the rest.

Just in case you didn't get a good view of the hair, here is another shot. I also have some pretty fancy Hawaiian-esqe pants on. I LOVED stirrup pants. The baby in the pic is my little sister Kaite. She looks so tiny here.

I was going to show you one more but I think I'll leave it at that. Don't want to share too much of a good thing ya know?
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