a word on customer service

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You won't find any argument from me about the fact that customer service in the past several years has gone down the toilet. Cashiers talk about other cashiers in front of customers, or yell over to so-and-so about when they're taking their break.

Two weeks ago, I brought a tub of yogurt back to the grocery store because it was overdue when I bought it and mentioned to the guy in the dairy department that it was the second time I purchased something overdue (the first was over Christmas when my husband unknowingly bought a tub of ricotta that was a month overdue - we didn't realize until we were eating our lasagna) - and he just looked at me with a blank face like he was staring at a wall. Hello? Are ya there? I'm speaking to you??

I know I should check the dates but come on - I'm in a hurry!

All that being said, in the weeks since my yogurt debacle, I've had some pretty great customer service that I wanted to share.


When I bought the orange fabric for my living room pillows, I also bought a darker fabric to use for a smaller accent pillow, only when I washed it, it came out with creases and lines all through the fabic and I couldn't really use it. I let it go just because I tend to forget about things like that.

Time went on. I wanted to get sewing again and ordered a bunch of fabric again as I mentioned here. But after I washed it, the fabric came out creased and lined again. I was pretty frustrated because I wanted to use this fabric for my etsy shop and I felt I couldn't really use it on something I wanted to sell.

I decided to take a chance and email them about my issue to see if there had been other complaints. There had and the woman who emailed me back suggested I take my fabric out of the dryer asap to prevent the creases as much as possible. Then she offered to ship me some new fabric, no questions asked. Really? Wow. I'm not talking about $5 of fabric either.

I couldn't believe how generous they were and how fast the turn-around was for getting the new fabric. This was an A+ for customer service in my books.


I bought this sippy cup after a woman at my local diaper/children place told me it was the best thing since sliced bread. It was a pretty cool cup - Leo could drink from it upside down and still get milk. Plus it was pretty cute. Problems began however when he started to chew the straw. It started to leak all over the place and then it became a choking hazard when the top of the straw was close to falling off.

I emailed the company about my issue and they got back to me right away to let me know they would send me a new straw for the cup. Wow, thanks! Two-for-two!

I've decided to try three-for-three and contacted another company about a product I bought at the One of a Kind Show that broke before I used it so I'm waiting for the response still.

The lesson learned - just ask - you never know what you'll get!


Monday, January 30, 2012

I've been on the Pinterest bandwagon for a bit, but I thought I would let you know about it here. Have the Pin Bug too? Find my pins here.

...and then there were four.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yep - Leo is going to be a big bro (well not sure how big - Leo's a bit on the tiny side ;)). Things are going to get a whole lot more crazy around here! Happy Sunday!

kitchen inspiration

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's lunchtime here in real-job world, so I thought I would post a pic I just found that has inspired me to think more about my kitchen.

I have to say, my kitchen isn't bad, but it's not my dream kitchen - that is for sure. I found this kitchen via Isabella and Max Rooms the other day and I love it.

To be honest, it's not entirely different from my kitchen. Ok this is a massive overstatement. I have white cupboards (from 1960), dark grey walls, tumbled stone backsplash and wood floors.

This kitchen is like a grown-up version of mine. The millwork is gorgeous. It has an island. It has a gas stove and marble counters. Yummy.

A new kitchen is definitely on our list, but it's about 10 years down the road I think. I'll just keep this photo in my back pocket for now ;).

Happy Weekend!

the chair games

Monday, January 09, 2012

I came over to my desk to pack up my computer for the office tomorrow and of course I got flipping around through the net, wasting more time when I should really be curled up on my couch reading The Hunger Games. The more I moved from site to site, the more my neck began to strain because the chair I'm using is too high and I'm hunched over. I need a new chair girls and boys (are there boys here?).

This is still my favourite office shot.

Source: bhg.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

I love this chair and would love to find something comfy like it to add to my little desk nook (pics coming soon - I'm almost done adding fixing it up!).

This one is pretty but since the rest of the room is kind of rustic it's likely a bit much

How fun would this be?! (I'm a bit over the chevron thing though...)

Kind of cool and would go with the playroom part of the room (Leo could paint on it and you wouldn't be able to tell! ;))

This one is perfect!

Source: wanelo.com via Janie on Pinterest

Just kidding...

This is such a pretty chair - but not for the office (see how I get distracted?)

Ok time to follow-up on what Katniss is up to...

fabric sneak peek

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

I was supposed to go to the movies tonight, but my babysitter (aka Auntie Kaite) was a bit, um hungover today, so I decided to give her a break and catch a matinee tomorrow instead (can't wait to see Mission Impossible 4!).

So instead of going to the movies, I decided to tackle something for one of my 2012 projects - order fabric for my etsy relaunch. What better day to start than January 1st? It takes about three weeks to get the fabric so here's a sneak peek of what I ordered. What do ya think?

Snowy Feathers, by Needlebook (the best part about this one is that the designer is from Toronto!)

Plus One Linen, by Holli Zollinger

Diamond Circles, by Holli Zollinger

Nursery Cameo WP, by Natitys

Stay tuned!
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