unsettled weather

Friday, June 27, 2008

the weather here in Toronto has been weird to say the least but I was happy to get a few really nice days where I could just veg out back and read my new book --------->
Consolation is a very cool book that flashes back and forth from Toronto 1855 and Toronto 1997... it's neat to read about the streets and scenery and know where they are exactly... anyway good read.

today I'm off to play in a golf tournament with M's family -- they have these reunions every 2 years and since I've been with M for 10 years this year I thought this was my 8 reunion but he said that didn't make sense so now I'm thinking it is my 6th who knows -- they kind of all run into each other... it should be fun regardess of what number it is. We get to eat lots of yummy italian food and play bocce and stuff -- hopefully the weather holds up.

I can't believe I'm talking about the weather....

Since i haven't been sewing (my machine is still in the plastic bag [yes plastic egad!] from when I brought it to the shop) I thought i would show you some random photos from our trip. We took 1700 photos so I hope you have some time... :)

That's me above in St. Peter's Square -- I was checking out the insane line-up you had to stand in to get it...

a street scape on a walk (of many) in Rome

pretty courtyard -Rome

awesome pic at night of Ponte Vecchio - Florence

looking out from our apartment in our villa in Poppi

poppies -- everywhere!

ok that's all I've got for today -- oh - I wanted to tell you about the new feature I added a couple days ago -----------------> I started a Twitter account so you can see what I'm doing every second of the day! :)

ps- my cat is driving me crazy right now! he wants to go outside so bad but I won't let him because I'm leaving for the day... poor Flash!

have a great weekend!

white wedding and a range rover

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ok so I promise I'll start sewing...soon. I'm in love with the outdoors right now and I kind of knew it was going to affect my sewing productivity. I'm thinking of investing in a very long extension cord to bring out to the backyard -- it's not a bad idea.

I wanted to share a few more pics from my wedding - the first I think would make a pretty cool ad for Range Rover ;)


A few wedding pics

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ok time for a few wedding pics -- sooner than expected! Our photographer Jennifer Kirk from Jennifer Kirk Photography sent over some teaser pics from our wedding and man I really can't wait to see the rest of the bunch now! oh did I mention she was amazing???? She lives in BC and loves to travel ;)

At Poppi Castle after the ceremony -- M and I drove around in this fun red car!

One of our many pics taken in the town of Poppi.

Our little red car! This road led to our villa.

At the villa showing off our puckers.

We had fireworks at the end of the night and Jenn managed to catch the moment perfectly!
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