Back in the land of reality

Thursday, May 29, 2008

well i've put it off long enough -- coming back to this reality stuff but alas I must come back... I am home from what was a wonderful and amazing trip to Italy. The wedding was beautiful, the food was to die for (really -- I'm having such a hard time recreating caprese salads with the tasteless tomatoes we get here!) and the landscapes were dreamlike.

I will have some photos up soon but I'm waiting to get my official wedding photos which should come some time in June.

As for sewing projects -- my machine is in the shop for what I was told, a much needed repair. It should be ready tomorrow which is good timing since the projects are piling up! Among them:

>two sets of curtains for two of my favourite children on the planet.
>a messenger bag for my patient Swedish friend
>a summer top for me
>some pj pants for me

oh the list will likely get much bigger...

Until then happy sewing/crafting and prancing about in this lovely spring weather

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