pauvre chaise

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

we got this chair from our neighbour -- the one that died recently. it was sitting out in her front yard so we took it. i want to have it reupholstered but i'm am realizing that it is five million dollars to do this. carol says that you don't get something reupholstered to save money, you do it to keep an antique... i guess she's right but it's not like it's a fancy wing back chair or anything -- i might as well get a new one for the price i'm going to spend on this one. then i was thinking i would do it myself, but i know how i work and it'll sit in my sitting room upstairs and i'll stare at the '60s era gold and brown flowers day in and day out mumbling how i should really get to my sewing machine... i really like the chair so i have to suck it up and pay to get it done -- that's what it really comes down to...


Friday, April 21, 2006

--stacey, kate and me at dinner for stacey's bday

my extended family is going through some turmoil right now and it makes me really sad because it is between my mom and her sister and her family -- they're not talking and haven't talked since Christmas, when this turmoil kind of began... it makes me so sad to think they're not talking because I couldn't imagine not talking to my sisters. we have our stresses and arguments and differences but overall i think we have good relationships and we aren't afraid to talk to each other about things... i'm a firm believer of not going home/to bed angry because if anything were to happen to one of the parties during the time no talking was going on, I'd have a hard time living with it... I hope they work things out eventually.


Friday, April 21, 2006

I recently joined the communications committee for Habitat for Humanity Toronto -- here is my first published assignment with them! I'm also going to be working on an urban silent auction to be held in August at the Gladstone -- it sounds like it's going to be a fun gig.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

things i have to do soon:

-finish my speech for carol's wedding
I was thinking of making it action packed but I think that carol might be scared so I might stick to something with less movement :)

-begin my article on "The Summer of Weddings"

-write an article on "anticipation" for Mosaic Minds

I'm going to write on waiting for my garden to grow because I feel like I'm waiting forever -- I have to realize that it's only April 18.

-clean the fridge, wash the floor and make a Goodwill run

-buy some pots for the yard to plant herbs and other flowers I don't know the names of

-work on the menu for carol's weddding shower and buy a couple mini-gifts for a giveaway


Friday, April 07, 2006

we met friends of ours last night for drinks -- abbey and dave live in Belfast now and have for two years. we haven't seen them since then -- well dave came back for work last year so we hooked up with him for a beer. it's crazy that you can go two years without seeing someone and when you get together again it's like they've never left -- they're the same people with the same personalities with the same funny humor. it's neat to listen to abbey now because she has a slight irish accent. M says it's cause she talks fast now but I think it's an adoption of the language. I wonder if eS will have an accent when she gets back from South America -- probably not but she will definitely know more spanish!

goals of the week to do by the end of the year:

finish my skirt
taking a sewing course with Andrea
learn Italian
write an article
finish my maid of honor speech
make a new dish a week
pay off my debt (that's the biggie!)
take more pictures
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