Sunday, June 28, 2009

We took a "non-day" yesterday... It was so much fun to do nothing.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I just got home from Stratford, Ontario . Have you been? If not you should check out the Shakespeare Festival this year... I should also add that there is an amazing Shakespeare Festival in Prescott, Ontario as well. If I didn't tell you my mother would be quite mad ;). I was in Stratford for work and for the Canada 3.0 forum. It was a crazy and tiring couple of weeks, but very cool to hear the discussions about the future of digital media in Canada.

Needless to say, I'm pretty tired. But when I got home I perked right up because of a very special piece of mail I received. A few weeks ago I ordered a new piece of fabric from Danielle Smeets and I got it today. It's called Poppies and I got it, well... basically because I got married in a town called Poppi. I know, I know... I'm a bit of a nerd.

There it is. Man it's soooo pretty! I can't even describe how pretty, because it doesn't feel like the regular fabric I order. I don't even think I'll sew anything with it. Maybe a piece of art? Who knows. But it's too pretty to cut up.

Ok I'm signing off because I want to veg. I'm going to park myself on the couch to watch the NHL playoffs with the hubster!

Have a good night!

J Stands for Jolly 'ol Friends

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Weew what a week it has been so far! I can honestly say my brain hurts. I've been crazy busy with my day job, so I haven't had much time to do much sewing. I know, I know saying "I'm busy" is SOOO je ne sais quoi -- dumb? Everyone is busy these days.

I DID get a chance, however, to finish a custom order from November. Yes I said November people (I'm sure my friend Scott is reading this thinking about the bag I said I'd make a mutual friend over a year ago but I digress...;)).

So my good friend from work, Rana, wanted me to make a tote for her daughter, and really Rana has been all too kind in waiting for this order. I really did take my sweet time finishing it and all I can blame is her second order which is a laptop case for work (I've been staring at the fabric trying to figure out how to make it because Rana is VERY particular... in a good way of course ;)).

Anyway, I finally got her daughter's tote finished and trekked over to the office today to give it to her and to see my favourite work clan.

Rana loved it of course, but the first question out of her mouth was "Did you take a picture of it for your blog Stephanie???" Well no because I was too "busy." So Rana whips out her camera and proceeds to have a photoshoot with my friend Shama as the model. What good friends I have, really; they're always looking out for me. I mean Rana DID pay me with Baskin Robbins gift certificates after all -- how does she know about my love for mint chocolate chip ice cream???

Alas, here are some pics of the tote and the photo shoot. Made with some lovely Amy Butler fabrics and a nice denim "J" for Rana's daughter's name.

Now that Rana has her hands on the tote, I'll be back into the sewing room trying to figure out her lap top bag and trying not to pull my hair out But I do have some ice cream motivation, so I'm sure I'll get it done soon... I promise :)
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