Tuesday, August 22, 2006

C has been 'bugging' me (not really she only mentioned it twice) to make her a wristlet. I finally got a pattern to make one and have chosen some fabric from my bin -- I just need some interfacing and a zipper and away I will go!

I'm excited for this new project.

christie pitts

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the bright lights shine off the catcher's helmet. A fan calls out from the crowd. the first pitch is thrown. 'strike' is called, only it sounds more like a harsh grunt. A horn bellows out in the distance. #6 hits a single. 'bases loaded; one out.'

someone keeps farting and the faint smell of garbage lingers in the air.

A woman sells raffle tickets to the scattered fans on the natural bleachers. 2 boys kick a soccer ball up and down the hill.

A ball is hit to the crowd behind home plate -- a boy grabs it for keeps, but is asked to throw it back

A photo of the in-field is snapped catching the delicacy of the fluffy, evening clouds

the pitchers switch after a mistake is made in the outfield; the ball exchanges hands. It doesn't feel like the City down here.

#11 of the opposing team hits to centre field, the ball soars to the fence. As it flies over the fence, cheers roar. 'He should have had that. He's a tall guy. But it's a tough play.'

An overweight kid sits in a navy camping chair eating Sunchips. The soccer kids become restless. A man and his son to the left each bend a finger so it appears as though they are missing it. At the back, a group of 20 somethings drink Molson One Shots. 'Don't get caught,' one of them jokes as he heads down the steep hill towards the canteen. The soccer kids wrestle until one of them gets hurt and falls to the ground crying.

'Raffle tickets? We're about to draw.'

'Over the fence.'

'How much are they?'

'Let's go Newfie!'

'1 for 2, or 3 for 5.'

'That guy has the worst swing I have ever seen.'

'I'll take 3.'

'They're ball players cause their chewing.'

'Anyone else for tickets?!'

'...how'm I supposed to know??'

'Let's gooooo Hogieeeee!!'
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