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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm moving in TWO days and I've been packing and sewing trying to get a few things done in and among the countless boxes around here. Yesterday morning I managed to sew together this fun and flashy tote.

I have come to quite like this tote -- I wasn't sure about the fabric from Heather Bailey when it came in the mail because as I've mentioned before, colour is a bit scary for me, but I really love it now. It has been hanging on a nail on the wall where a picture once was so I get to stare at it every day. (I think more people should hang their totes as art now that I think about it!)

Anyhoo -- check it out here in the shop if you like it (more pics on Flickr here). I'm off to sew a couple more totes and then I have to move all these boxes. I have to tell you that I'm pretty pumped about this move because I will have a room of my own to sew and do whatever I want in (eating bonbons & popcorn are first on the list). Right now, I cut fabric on the floor and sew at the kitchen table -- blah!

Have a great night!

flu fighters & saturday mornings

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I made this noodle soup and wasa cheese toast last night for dinner to fight off the flu... my sister told me to put cayenne pepper in it but everything is in boxes so I couldn't find it... so far so good though this morning.

Since I'm feeling ok, I thought I'd get some sewing done this morning

Happy Saturday!

the casselman carry-all

Monday, February 16, 2009

A friend of a friend, whom I know consider my friend ordered a diaper bag for her new baby. This is her 4th and she didn't want some boring 'ol bag to carry the necessities around in, so she drew me a pic and sent me some very cool fabric to work with.

et voila.

Ain't it pretty? The cool thing about this bag is that it can be used for just about anything. I put lots of pockets on the inside for bottles and gear and a pocket on the outside for a cell phone and keys and snacks cause with 4 kids you're going to need something to give the little critters when they start to cry.

I had a lot of fun making this bag mostly because I had to use my brain to make a pattern and also because of the beautiful fabric. I'll have to make more of these in the future. I could see this as a fun laptop bag (anything is better than those boring black nylon bags!) or just a tote to tote stuff in.

I'm off to sew some more, so have a great day!


all that and a bag of chocolate kisses

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'll just start off by wishing y'all a Happy Heart Day. I don't care if you don't like this day. I do. Yeah sure you should celebrate your love every day of the year, but really how fun is it to have a day full of hearts and chocolate? I'm heading to the Big Carrot today and I'm going to get me some yummy fair trade stuff. Gotta get the real stuff if you're going to be serious about it.

Ok enough of that.

Yesterday I made a tote. Yay! I was thinking of Susan while I was making it. In a recent post, she talks about how the earrings she featured were totally her. Well I have to admit that half the stuff I make isn't really me. I have a slight fear of colour. Maybe it's not a fear per se, it's just that I feel best in black and grey -- mostly because I'm cheap and I think that black and grey will last for years, while colours have more of a trend factor.

I dunno.

Anyway, I was thinking of Susan because when I finished this tote I realized that it was totally me. It's not black or grey, but I LOVE it and I'm going to keep it for myself.

The best part -- as with most of my totes -- it's reversable!

This dark blue denim came from a skirt I attempted to make two years ago. It didn't really work out so I cut around the stitching to use for the bag.

Well I should get off the computer. My house is a mess. I still have to make the card I bought from Patricia a month ago for my Hubster (I tend to leave things to the last minute), and I have to go run some errands...

Take care and eat LOTS of chocolate today. You have no excuses not to.



Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sheesh. Time has certainly flown by in the past month. I haven't really been doing much besides the regular (working, eating, drinking tea). I wouldn't say I'm in a funk 'cause that's not it. I wouldn't say I'm sick of the snow (even though I'm tired of pulling over to let others by on our streets because there's only enough room for one car to pass, and I feel like I'm in permanent 4x4 on the roads... oh and don't get me started on parking... I can't wait until spring...). I guess I can't really put my finger on it. But I haven't been doing much sewing that's for sure. I tried to do a custom order for placemats a few weeks ago and I almost threw my machine out the window. I just chose the wrong fabric for the project. It wasn't working so I didn't finish it. I'm taking it as a learning experience that I can't work with shiny fabric. That's it. Just cotton my friends.

This week I'm working on a diaper bag for a friend of a friend and I'm pretty excited about it. If it works out as well as I think it will, then I might make more for the shop. Also I have a fun little contest coming up in about a month that I can't wait to share with you. Stay tuned.

After that I'll be concentrating on the new house. We get the keys tomorrow and I can't wait!

Take care my pals and talks to you soon!
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