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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm moving in TWO days and I've been packing and sewing trying to get a few things done in and among the countless boxes around here. Yesterday morning I managed to sew together this fun and flashy tote.

I have come to quite like this tote -- I wasn't sure about the fabric from Heather Bailey when it came in the mail because as I've mentioned before, colour is a bit scary for me, but I really love it now. It has been hanging on a nail on the wall where a picture once was so I get to stare at it every day. (I think more people should hang their totes as art now that I think about it!)

Anyhoo -- check it out here in the shop if you like it (more pics on Flickr here). I'm off to sew a couple more totes and then I have to move all these boxes. I have to tell you that I'm pretty pumped about this move because I will have a room of my own to sew and do whatever I want in (eating bonbons & popcorn are first on the list). Right now, I cut fabric on the floor and sew at the kitchen table -- blah!

Have a great night!


  1. Moving in two days and still sewing away! Good luck with the move - I love being in a new place and settling in, but the process of getting all my stuff there is not my favorite thing. May it go smoothly for you.


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