miss mila - seven months

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mila turned seven months today and let me tell you this girl is BUSY. I can barely hold her for five minutes so these days she spends most of her time moving around on the floor - sad I know. She's moving backwards now which is how Leo started. It's quite interesting how similar they are to be honest. Same mannerisms, same moods, relatively same sleeping habits and so far same eating habits GAH!

Mila isn't really into food (as was the case with her brother). She's tried zucchini, sweet potato, pear, dried apricots, oatmeal, applesauce, banana and avocado and she wasn't really spitting it out, but she wasn't opening her mouth for it either. Now she just zips her mouth shut - that's it! Anyway I'm not stressing about it because I did enough of that with Leo. I'm just going to try again in a couple days and take it from there!

Mila also started 'talking' yesterday. Basically saying ra-ra-ra over and over. It's a bit too close to Dada for my liking ;).

I had a lot of fun taking these pictures today. Leo was in the room so I told him to lay down with her. Mila gave him this squished up smile she gives me all the time when I'm changing her diaper. I love it.

They're really starting to interact with each other now. Leo will play with her and try to make her laugh (you can see some of that here) and today at a mommy meet-up, he was 'protecting' her from another little boy. It was really sweet. I just love these pictures I took of them today.

Just for fun, here was Leo at seven months. One of my favourite pics of him!

sunroom office revamp: the desk

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Would love to get rid of that big black screen but I need it for work!
You didn't think I would clean up one part of the office without touching the other side did you? It was a disaster as well. We took the big photo down and added some shelves. There are still a few things to do here like find some frames for those posters I taped up under the shelf, make a new pillow cover for the chair pillow, put up a bulletin board and clean up those f^&%ing cords under the table - blah! I hate cords. I also need a filing system of some sort for the desk. I had one here but moved it to the desk in the basement for paper for the kids and now I don't have an 'inbox' for bills etc.

Anyway it's way better than it was! Judge for yourself!

project reorg: kitchen cupboards

Sunday, March 03, 2013

So my kitchen is driving me a batty. I need to reorganize it big time. It's being taken over by jars of bulk pantry items and they're starting to fall on my head when I open the doors. I'm in the kitchen all.the.time so I need to do this for my own sanity.

Also the placement of things just don't make sense. I was telling a friend of mine about people putting things away in different cupboards and had mentioned about how my measuring cup is in a different place all the time. She said "Yes I know - it goes with the other measuring things right?!" I said "Ya - right! Duh!" Except mine doesn't. The cups are in one place, while the spoons are in another. In my head it makes sense for some reason, but if someone were to go in my cupboards to look for them they'd be lost likely.

Which all leaves me on a quest to have it all make sense.

I was reading an article that Katie Bower wrote recently for Wayfair about organizing a pantry and the thing that stuck with me was to make stations for your things. So here are my stations (I will likely have to pare them down or bulk some together but this is basically what I need space for):

  • bulk pantry items (all the jarred stuff!) and their leftovers
  • baking/spices/oils station
  • vitamins/hemp powders station
  • cereals/snacks
  • coffee/tea
  • cleaning/paper towels/kitchen bags
  • cookbooks
  • potatoes/onions etc
  • linens
  • cat food
  • recycling/garbage
  • kids crap dishes/utensils/cups ;)
  • misc glasses/plates/utensils
  • canned goods/other boxed foods
  • cooking/baking utensils/dishes
  • pots, pans, storage/tupperware containers
  • vases etc.
Did I miss anything?
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