sunroom office revamp: the desk

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Would love to get rid of that big black screen but I need it for work!
You didn't think I would clean up one part of the office without touching the other side did you? It was a disaster as well. We took the big photo down and added some shelves. There are still a few things to do here like find some frames for those posters I taped up under the shelf, make a new pillow cover for the chair pillow, put up a bulletin board and clean up those f^&%ing cords under the table - blah! I hate cords. I also need a filing system of some sort for the desk. I had one here but moved it to the desk in the basement for paper for the kids and now I don't have an 'inbox' for bills etc.

Anyway it's way better than it was! Judge for yourself!


  1. Looks great! I've never been able to keep my office clean. Sigh. I'd love to have one of those perfectly styled offices and be able to keep it that way!

    Love the artwork!

  2. No matter however we try to organise our office space it will end as a mess.

  3. 1000 times better! love the grey, white and red! but ummm does your desk DIP in the middle??

  4. Ha! I don't think so but it does look like it in these pics! I think it's just the angle or something. I'll have to get the level out!


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