not bad

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ok so the apple cake wasn't bad but it wasn't as scrumptious as I had hoped. I think it had something to do with using skim milk instead of whole milk.... I will definitely make it again but with the proper ingredients next time!

the baker within my former self

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

when I was in high school, I went to a psychic fair with my friend Helen. As Helen walked off to get her palms read, I sauntered over to have my fortune told by some psychic dude. While taping my conversation, psychic dude told me all of the things about myself that I did and didn't want to hear: you won't marry your current boyfriend, you will get married to someone, you'll have two kids etc., etc...

One thing he did mention was that in a former life I was a baker -- he said I baked and baked and baked until I couldn't bake anymore. I thought this was crazy because I'm not a big fan of baking. I burn things, my cookies never turn out, I suck at making apple crisp and I messed up my easter cheese cake this year. (I now have become a regular at the local Sweet Tooth Desserts Cafe where they sell scrumptious tarts and cakes).

So this morning for some reason I decided to attempt yet another dessert -- the Apple-Cinnamon Upside-Down Cake, thanks to Martha. Well I must have been channelling my former me because to my delight and suprise, I think it turned out! I'll let you know tomorrow if it tastes as good as it looks.

bedroom blues

Sunday, August 26, 2007

when we moved into our house, everything was pretty much done as we liked it. we just did a bit of painting. we painted our bedroom but still can't really get comfy in it. So I'm looking to do something new. so far I have these two pics for inspiration -- my friend C just sent me the second one she found on Dwell's site and I'm leaning towards something like that now -- it's a bit more in line with the rest of our house. We'll see what we come up with!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm finally done my freelance work this week -- it seemed to come in all at once (not really complaining of course!) so I'm excited to get back into some sewing! I'm going to try something fun this week!

TV is evil

Friday, August 24, 2007

a few weeks ago I decided to use up the rest of my vacation by taking all fridays off in August -- I had to change it up a bit because I needed two days to go to Calgary to help a friend move.

today was my last friday off -- I had the whole day planned out: get some freelance writing done in the morning, go to pilates at lunch and roam the streets aimlessly in the afternoon, perhaps stopping for a tea or two. ahhh the life.

Instead, I turned on the TV - something I rarely do these days and spent the morning watch dumb shows like Regis and Kelly and CityLine. I couldn't get motivated after that -- and I spent my lunch working on my freelance so I missed pilates and didn't get finished until 6!

Moral of the story -- get rid of your TV it's EVIL!

Oh well at least I'm meeting a friend for a fun night!

the dress

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I was just on martha stewart weddings and they have a post on their blog about JCrew weddings. I have a weird obsession with JCrew -- maybe it's because we don't have them in Canada? Anyway I just wanted to let you know that if you're in need of a wedding dress or a bridesmaids dress check them out! I got my wedding dress from them months ago for next to nothing and recently just ordered all of my bridesmaids dresses.
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