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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

I was supposed to go to the movies tonight, but my babysitter (aka Auntie Kaite) was a bit, um hungover today, so I decided to give her a break and catch a matinee tomorrow instead (can't wait to see Mission Impossible 4!).

So instead of going to the movies, I decided to tackle something for one of my 2012 projects - order fabric for my etsy relaunch. What better day to start than January 1st? It takes about three weeks to get the fabric so here's a sneak peek of what I ordered. What do ya think?

Snowy Feathers, by Needlebook (the best part about this one is that the designer is from Toronto!)

Plus One Linen, by Holli Zollinger

Diamond Circles, by Holli Zollinger

Nursery Cameo WP, by Natitys

Stay tuned!


  1. lovely choices! Happy 2012!

  2. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Love love love! Would look great in my home. Whatcha making?

  3. You'll have to wait and see!!! ;)

  4. I highly approve! Nice selections.

  5. lovely choices! looking forward to seeing what you make :)


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