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Monday, January 09, 2012

I came over to my desk to pack up my computer for the office tomorrow and of course I got flipping around through the net, wasting more time when I should really be curled up on my couch reading The Hunger Games. The more I moved from site to site, the more my neck began to strain because the chair I'm using is too high and I'm hunched over. I need a new chair girls and boys (are there boys here?).

This is still my favourite office shot.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I love this chair and would love to find something comfy like it to add to my little desk nook (pics coming soon - I'm almost done adding fixing it up!).

This one is pretty but since the rest of the room is kind of rustic it's likely a bit much

How fun would this be?! (I'm a bit over the chevron thing though...)

Kind of cool and would go with the playroom part of the room (Leo could paint on it and you wouldn't be able to tell! ;))

This one is perfect!

Source: via Janie on Pinterest

Just kidding...

This is such a pretty chair - but not for the office (see how I get distracted?)

Ok time to follow-up on what Katniss is up to...

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