Monday, March 01, 2010

Well the Olympics are done (YAY Canada!) and I just finished a new bag, but I can't show you yet because it was from a pattern and I had some frustrations with it and I need some time to get my thoughts together.

So for now, I thought I would show you some more shots from my childhood.

I find this one particularly funny:

I shouldn't really show you because it makes me look like I was such a wimp that I couldn't even press a cutter into dough. But look at the hair. Now that's hair. I had my first perm when I was in grade 3 after which I must have had 20. My poor sister Stacey is probably showing the one and only cookie we have so far because I'm taking so long to do the rest.

Just in case you didn't get a good view of the hair, here is another shot. I also have some pretty fancy Hawaiian-esqe pants on. I LOVED stirrup pants. The baby in the pic is my little sister Kaite. She looks so tiny here.

I was going to show you one more but I think I'll leave it at that. Don't want to share too much of a good thing ya know?

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  1. Love the hair and the reminder of stirrups. I lived in a pair the year I was in fifth grade. Paired with an oversized sweatshirt and pair of Keds (that I decorated myself with puffy paint), they were awesome.
    Cool link in the last post to the Adventures in Dressmaking gal. Makes me wish I were a seamstress!


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