ok so here's the hot place bag I made

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I told you before that I made a bag to bring to the hot place I went to. But this hot place bag made me angry and at times sad because I L.O.V.E the fabric and I feel like I wasted it making this bag.

Yes it looks pretty (sorry this is the closest I have to the final version in pics). I know. I love the way it looks. But the darn thing wouldn't be able to carry much more then my flip flops, towel and maybe my copy of Eat, Pray, Love. (Did you read that book? What did you think?).

I made the bag from a pattern out of that nice book pictured above that my lovely mom gave me for Christmas. I must have stared at the picture of the bag for hours because I loved it so much. So I started sewing, and it all went down hill when I got to the handles. NOW those who know me well, know I don't like to follow patterns or recipes but honestly I followed this one to a T (tee?). Ok one thing I could have done differently is use some interfacing in the handles -- that IS my fault.

For the most part the bag was fun to make and pretty simple but I go confused when it came to the handles. With my bags, I sew all around the outter fabric, then I put them inside out and together and tuck the handles in the bag, sew around the top leaving a 4 inch hole, invert the bag, sew the perimeter including the hole and voila the bag is done. BUT this bag had me making the bulk of the bag first and then building the handles separately and I was to fold the handles somehow over top the rest of the bag and it would all fit beautifully and angels would sing in the heavens. Aawwwwwwww!

But instead I tore the thing apart three times and then just figured out my own way of attaching them because it just wasn't working for me. After some swearing and shots of vodka (not really but it sounds tough), I got it done. It wasn't pretty but at least I was able to bring it to the beach.

Ya win some. Ya lose some!


  1. BEAUTIFUL bag! i love the style and the fabric. i totally know what you mean about sewing in the straps, it's not easy!!!

  2. Love the fabric too! However, so did not love Eat, Pray, Love. Bucking the trend on that one I know. Maybe it was because I listened to it on audiobook and I found the author's voice and everything she said highly irritating...

    Did you like it?

  3. Hi Heather,

    Yes I did read it and I thought it was okay. I loved the first part because she was in Italy eating lots of food but the rest was a bit too much for me. Over all it was ok.



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