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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

when I was growing up, my mom always found out about my shopping purchases, even when I tried my hardest to hide them. she'd ask: "Oh is that a new cute little top? How much was that?" And I'd make something up saying that I got it months ago. Now that I'm older, I still here her voice in my head when I go shopping -- well her voice and my fiance's voice saying the same thing.

They will love to know that I have made my first cute little top and for next to nothing! A few weeks ago I went to a garage sale around the corner and got a few pieces of fabric for $1.50. I was so excited to get them for so cheap, but I didn't know what I could make as I only really started sewing. Then I came across a children's dress that Martha made over at Uniform Studio and fell in love. Instead of a dress however, I modified it and made a cute little top!

I couldn't be happier with the outcome -- I am going to wear it to my dad's wedding rehearsal dinner next week!

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