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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

this week I decided to take the zip pouch from bend-the-rules and make a little wristlet. i also made my first yoyo -- how fun! I think I'll make a million of these little beauties -- they're such a fun away to dress up a project! I got the tutorial from Heather Bailey and I honestly didn't realize how easy it would be.

Then I made what I am calling a portfolio clutch - I'm sure the term has been used before but that's ok. I saw this style first at Club Monaco a while back -- it was quite a bit smaller, and then I saw this pic and loved it!

I decided to make my own -- ok so mine doesn't look like it's made of butter and would melt in your hands but I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I made it based on Amy's BTR clutch. I will make it much smaller next time -- this one fits my laptop I'm sure. M looked at me kind of strangely when I showed him, but it does fold down into a longer type cluch if you don't want to be carrying this massive purse around.

Happy sewing!

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  1. I have the original from Club Monaco and love it - how funny I never thought of making one myself but yours looks great!! Nice to see another Torontonian blogger too!!


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