October fun

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

we were spoiled for a few days with the amazing weather we've been having and now that it's gone I really miss it. it's raining today and feels so dark and gloomy. At least the rain gives me more time to be on the computer and sew.

Last night I made these napkins -- I kind of followed the Bend-the-Rules sewing book but mostly I made these from a set of napkins i already have. I was looking through the book last night and realized that I have made so many things already! It really is a great book and I feel that it really is helping to establish this online crafting culture that I love being a part of.

These napkins are part of a gift -- shhhh -- I don't want my giftee to find out! these will accompany a BTR table runner which I think will go quite nicely together.


On another note -- I've been quite busy this fall. On Thanksgiving we went to my mom's house where she participated in some town activities. She's the mayor of our little town and it was quite fun to see her talking and having so much fun with everyone. Here is a pic of my mom and my grandmother at the festivities.

And last weekend we went on a wine tour in Niagara-on-the-Lake with M's work. It was so much fun -- we were picked up in a limo and taken to five or so wineries. I have to say although all the wines we tried were scrumptious and wonderful, I will not be drinking wine again for awhile!

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  1. Great napkins! I was just wondering if you remember anything about the fabric, like where you got it, or the designer or the name? Thanks for the inspiration and great pics! -Laura


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