a table runner, some scraps and an a tired 'ol sofa cushion

Friday, November 09, 2007

I don't know about you, but when I was growing up, my sofa was horrid and I don't mean it was cool then, so that makes it cool now type horrid, it was just bad. I remember the day the truck pulled into the driveway with this brand new set of furniture, getting glances now and then of the brown and orange wool flower pattern on one side and brown pleather on the other, thinking what have my parents done!

well, not all old sofas were that bad, I know. A while back one weekend at my soon-to-be-inlaws, my mother-in-law had recovered her couch, but still had the pillows. she was just going to throw them out I think, but there was something about the fabric that I loved and I loved the shape of the pillows, so I took them home. They sat for awhile in my spare room and I wondered what I would do with them until the other day I got a brain blast and thought -- how great would this pattern be in a tote? I looked around to see what would go with it and I found an old table runner and some scraps.

et voila! I'm super happy with the turnout. I showed M the final product and he shivered from the memories he got of his old sofa growing up but I think it's great to keep the memory of that 'ol sofa alive...and what a way to reuse the stuff you have around the house.

My sister still has one of our old couches in her apartment, and I can guarantee you that I will not be making a tote out of that one.

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