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Monday, November 05, 2007

last weekend M and I went for a drive up to Sutton to check out the cottages there and to spend some time out of the city. After driving around for a bit we came upon a hiking trail, and, even though it started hailing, we sauntered into the wilderness. we thought the hike would take us 40 mins max but we somehow took a wrong turn into a part of the hike they coined "The Big Meany" and 40 mins turned into 1.5 hrs. I honestly thought were weren't getting out -- the sun was setting and although we heard voices, we didn't pass too many people. The Big Meany quite lived up to his name - he was windy and twisty and turny and several times we just walked off the path towards where thought might be the parking lot. I pictured us huttled beneath the trees, shivering and munching leaves to wane our hunger until someone found us.

We finally got out and looked at the picture of the hiking trail in the parking lot and realized that The Big Meany was similar in shape and size to our intestines and really there was only one way in and out.

So when M mentioned that we should go on a hike this weekend it was the last thing I wanted to do -- I enjoy hiking, but after The Big Meany I was done for a while. All I wanted to do was 'hike' across the danforth and look at some trendy stores and sip on a tea or two. But M wasn't into it, so we compromised: we decided to take a hike from our house to Bayview Ave which has many fun and trendy shops to keep me happy.

We took the Taylor Creek trail which is a few streets north of us and we travelled up and down and around and all without seeing one car until we got to Bayview. I honestly didn't think there was that much greenery in Toronto -- it blows my mind away but really if you want to get out of the city for a hike, check out your own back yard first -- there really are loads of trails to choose from and you'll never have to put the key into the ignition to get there. Check it out next time you're up for hike.

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