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Thursday, December 20, 2007

when it comes to buying/making christmas presents I think the men are the toughest to buy/make for... there are so many cute things out there to get women but the men are another story. Every year I go through the same stress about what to get my dad, does he really need another sweater or pair of socks???

so this year, since i'm on a mission to make most of my gifts, I came up with a idea to make my dad a cozy blanket. I thought it was such a great idea.... until I started actually making it. I got two types of fleece and sewed them together... didn't look right so I tore it apart and decided on just using one type of fleece... so I started sewing it this morning and I heard a *kaplunk* and and then my zigzag stitch wasn't zigzagging anymore -- it was just a wobbly line. anyway I think I broke my sewing machine. the good news is that I've made most of my gifts already but now I don't know what to get my dad!?

WELL C came over for soup today and she brought her sewing machine! what a life saver... so I think I'll try something new for my dad -- not sure I'll attempt the blanket again -- the last thing I want to do wreck her machine!

still no pics -- my sister-in-law borrowed it to take pics of my super sweet little nephew - I can't wait to spend christmas with them all this year!


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