Saturday, March 29, 2008

I just wanted to get on here to say that I likely won't be posting for a bit -- I seem to be running out of time! I have approximately 32 days left until we leave for the wedding and I have a kajabillion things to do before I leave - not to mention that whole job thing during the day! Some of those projects involve sewing but I can't show you until after the wedding! They're secret.

I did want to share my new etsy purchases with you though. I got some new earrings for the trip this week from Sulu Designs and I just LOVE them. I can picture myself wearing these as I walk along the cobbled streets of Florence sipping my caffe and saying things like "si" "bella" and "arrividerci" (Ok so my italian is extremely limited but just picture some lavish phrases spewing out of my mouth).

Anyway here they are -- have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for your sweet mention here. Wishing you lots of luck in getting everything together before you leave. I'm envious that you and the earrings are headed to Italy so soon... I'll try to live vicarious through you!

  2. These are fab! I can picture you wearing them too. Oh man, now I have to get some new earrings for the trip... on top of shoes and skirts :P hehehe

  3. She is wonderful! I am doing a big feature post on her this Friday. You picked up a few of my favorites!


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