hopefully the rain will stay away today

Saturday, July 26, 2008

This week we had a deck built out back -- there was an area of the yard that dipped down after we stepped out of our house (on three shakey steps that I wiped out on 2 weeks ago) that was full of mini, annoying rocks that stuck to our feet and stabbed our toes when we walked on them. After that area is our back yard which we love...

We really wanted to find a way to bridge the gap (ahhh a term we love to use in the corporate world... all too much). So M got some of his peeps over (who just happen to have a little side gig making decks) and they built one in 4 days. AND...we...love...it. Seriously, but guess what, I don't have any pics yet. I have before pics, but those are boring. We got a little mini outdoor loveseat and table too so I'm just going to fancy it up a bit and then I'll share pics. But I love that I'm sitting out here, on my computer, sipping coffee on a breazy saturday morning.

But really, even if we didn't have the deck I'd be sitting out here any way likely sitting in the annoying little rocks... because I don't feel like doing anything else. I've already been to the gym this morning where I think I pushed myself way to hard. I don't think I'll listen the next time the instructor tells us to put more weight on our bars if we've been coming to the class for awhile. I almost cried three times it was so tough. She keeps saying we'll thank her for it soon but I'm not sure about that right at the moment.

I also went to a new market after the gym to check it out - I had $8 dollars in my purse and they wanted $5 for parking so I whined and asked them if I could give them $3 instead because it was my first time. They obliged thank goodness because then I wouldn't have had enough for my yummy lettuce, chard, dill (smells so freaking good) and purple scallions.

ANYWAY enough of this ranting -- I'm sitting out here contemplating what to do next for the day, which looks like it's going to be cleaning the bathroom unfortunately. We're heading to a BBQ later and I just hope the rain stays away at least until later on in the night when I will have had a few vodka tonics and I really won't care what the skies deliver.

Happy Weekend Y'all!


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  1. uh! I came on her especially thinking I'd see a deck pic!!


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