a house, a rockstar bride and a paris bag

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Well hello there!

Wow it has been a while, but I've been quite busy! In the past little while my husband and I have bought a house and sold ours! It has been a whirlwind to say the least. Currently we live in the east end of Toronto and we happened to find a house closer to Mark's work in the west end so we took the plunge. But that meant getting our house ready for sale. Since we live in a little bungalow, the preparations weren't too bad and we managed to sell our house in a matter of 4 days. Pretty crazy, especially in this "economic downturn" (ugh I hate that phrase more than anything....sooo over used.)

Anyway now that the house is sold I'm back to sewing (and making a mess of course). I've been happy with the response to my etsy shop -- well not in sales in the shop, although I did sell all my totes, but more in custom orders! The latest order was a revamp of The Paris Bag. Rockstar Bride is a gal I lived with in uni and she has started her own event planning business "Hot Pink Petticoat" on the side. Oh and did I mention she just had HER OWN rockstar wedding? Pretty fun. Anyway, I really love this bag... RSB wanted something that was bright and matched her new pink logo, but she also wanted a splash of black. So we melded together two vibrant Anna Maria Horner fabrics for this fun tote she'll have for all her work.

The best part? It's reversable!

As for other projects, this Friday I'm helping out with a Market Bazaar at one of our offices. I'll have a little table where I'll be selling colourful totes, zip pouches, coasters and clutches and 10% of sales will go to United Way. I'll have pics next week on that. Right now though, I have to get to work (my real job!).

Happy Tuesday.

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