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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I was just over at decor8 commenting on a contest and the topic of the contest: You have an entire day off completely for yourself with $20; what would you do? reminded me of the time I went to the beach in Toronto last July 1st to read and people watch all day. There are always interesting people at the beach, but one guy was dressed in a black jogging suit and he had a head band on his head. The head band had a tennis ball attached to it from a string. He was jogging like a boxer in a ring down the boardwalk punching at the tennis ball. I tried to get a pic but he was too fast for me. That was the best people watching moment ever. I couldn't concentrate on my book after that.

Speaking of the Lake. I have a new blog that talks about my adventures of living by the lake in Toronto. I don't live on the Lake; you have to be a kajabillionaire to have that luxury, but I can see it from my bedroom window (in the winter when the leaves area all gone). Anyway I wanted to write about my adventures living there so check it out.

Oh and if you haven't commented yet on this contest - what are you waitng for? You have until Friday.

later gaters,


  1. shoot! i missed it. i was too late! beautiful things, though.

  2. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog :) I'm doing sessions in Toronto in May if you or anyone you know is interested ;)


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