Getting there...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bit by bit we're getting there with the house... this weekend we were able to add more to the kitchen to really make it feel more like home. I still have to make a roman shade for the window and then I'm done! I've ordered this fabric and can't wait to get the room finalized.

Until then, here is a pic of our new shelf!

We mostly put it here to fill up the space above the stove... I recently bought the print from Eva Juliet called Les Cuilleres which I am totally in love with. I also put some limoncello bottles from our wedding/honeymoon as well as an oil carafe from my husband's relatives there.

I also thought I'd share a couple pics of my home office.

I spend a zillion hours a day here because I work at home four days a week, so I really wanted to be a reflection of me. The walls are grey (I have a slight obsession with grey...), the main pic is one my husband took on a trip to Newfoundland a couple years ago, and the side pic is one from printspace called bird stack in red... My computer wall paper (which is covered by a bunch of icons...) is actually a pic from Alicia Bock from the Kindred site. I find it so calming.

So we're getting there! If you want to see more pics of the house so far I've set up a Flickr set here. After the upstairs is done I hope to have some befores and afters ('cause we've just ripped up all of the carpet and will be replacing the hardwood in the fall and right now it ain't pretty!).

Happy Monday!


  1. What a perfect print for your kitchen! And I love the grays in your home. I've admired the mix of gray and yellow in your blog banner, and I like seeing the gray reflected in your surroundings.

  2. Oh my god! The prints looks fabulous in your kitchen! I am so honored to see my art work in your space! Thanks for sharing! : )


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