Christmas Wreath

Thursday, November 26, 2009

In honour of the US Thanksgiving I thought I would post about my Christmas wreath ;). I made it from scratch! Ok I bought all the shiny "natural pieces" at the store in a package, but I actually made the vine wreath.

Mark and I were cleaning up the back yard, preparing it for winter a few weeks ago. We had vines all over our garage which were taking over the neighbourhood, so we decided to take them down to start fresh next year.

As I was cleaning up the vines, I began to feel them in my hands thinking they would be perfect for the wreath I wanted to make. So I ditched poor Mark in the cleaning process and began putting all of the vines together and molding them into a circle formation. I grabbed some of Mark's fishing line and tied it altogether. Et voila! It was a bit wonky on one side but nothing a bunch of sparkly balls can't hide!

I laid everything out on the dining room table the other night to get working on wreath part two. First I placed the ribbon where I wanted it to go and then I placed all of the sparkly pieces in place. Then I went to town with my glue gun taking care not to burn the eff outta my fingers. It was so much fun.

(those of you who have been to our place might notice we did a door reno -- more on that later!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends!

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