The Fireball Tote and Clutch

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Do you have one of those friends who has so much energy and enthusiasm you don't know what to do with it all? My friend Cortney is like that... it's a good thing believe me. Every time I see her she's full of excitement and passion for whatever she's doing, whether it's entertaining a crowd or chasing her adorable son around the house.

So when Cort asked me if I would be interested in donating a tote bag and clutch to the annual Fireball event she helps organize every year for Sheena's Place here in Toronto... how could I say no? I'm also going to the event which I'm pretty excited about, mostly because I'll get to hang out with some fun friends, but also because I got to buy a new dress...

Alas the Fireball Tote and Clutch.

I've made something like this before here and here... but I just really love this style of bag so why not? The thing about Fireball is that there is an unwritten rule that everyone has to wear something red to the event, so I lined the bag with some bright red fabric and put a little flower pin on the front for some added punch.

The clutch was made with the same fabrics, but I added a vintage button I found at the St. Lawrence Market a few years ago.

And because I liked this bag so much (and had enough fabric); I've made two! If you like it too (and won't be at the event to make a bid on the silent auction) you can trek on over to my shop to get on there. Unfortunately I didn't have enough fabric for two clutches, but I do have an extra zip pouch made out of grey peony fabric that I'll throw in for fun.

Happy Weekend & Fireballin'!


  1. I LOVE love love this. Beautiful. Love the floral touch.


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