friday finds {cozy cowls}

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Friday! One thing I love about the winter weather is wearing cozy things around my neck. I love scarves and I just love all of the cowls out and about this year. Here are my Friday finds:

the winter run cowl in LINEN by thehouseofhemp

the accidental cowl in SLATE from thehouseofhemp

Orion Moebius Cowl/Barley by lizziemac7

I want to put all of these on at the same time, sit by the fire and sip hot cocoa. Ok three of these around my neck might be much...

This weekend I'm locking myself in my sewing room to get some stuff done and then on Sunday I'll be heading down to the City of Craft event on Queen Street.

Have a great one!


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