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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

This is my new roman blind in my kitchen. I've been wanting to make this since February, but have been afraid to. You see... when I need/want to make things and I don't really know how to do it I sit and stare at the fabric for god knows how long, thinking of how I should go about my project. Finally the time would come when Mark would say: "Would you just make that already??" or "So how is the blind coming along?" as he points to the fabric still sitting in the envelope it came in.

So one day I brought the fabric upstairs and just did it... I made my blind. I've been trying to tell myself that a lot more these days "JUST DO IT." It feels better when you say it and then do it so I think I'll do it more often.

I knew this roman blind wouldn't really be used (pulling it up and down because ya know, I really love staring at my neighbour in his kitchen while I'm doing dishes and I know he loves it too) so I decided to fake it. I made the blind as one normally would; adding dowels to create nice folds, but then I used velcro to fasten the folds together and then used this crazy super velcro stuff to hold the blind onto the window frame. We'll see if it holds... The first 'warning' on the velcro label says: 'Do not use this on fabric or in sewing projects.' But I'm too impatient so hopefully I don't come home one day to find a roman blind in the dish water.

Mark says it's crooked (so he might be right) but I don't care. It's up there and it's done.

Now on to the zillion other projects I have piling up!

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