my bathroom needs some oomph

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When we moved into our new house a year and a half ago, we added a powder room on the main floor. I like the room but it needs some oomph. Here are some pics of the room (do you know how hard it is to take photos in a super small room???).

Here are the issues -- I like the grey colour but feel it needs some texture so I was thinking of getting some fun wallpaper to punch up the room. Also, I think there's enough room beside the toilet to put a bench or a shelf or something but what to put? (I also need to figure out how to straighten that darn toilet paper holder!) I work at home and use this washroom 18 million times a day (esp since being pregnant) so I think about it a lot. What would you do?

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  1. you could do some funky and modern wainscoting! or a brick or stone wall. I like the idea of putting a shelf beside the toilet too...oh and fixing the toilet paper holder :)


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