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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The other day I told you that the biggest project on our list this year was our basement, but there are some other things I want to tackle while that's being done. Here it goes:

1. Re-organize my office: The minute I was done work to go on maternity leave, I cleaned my office from top to bottom. It was so clean and I was happy. Then I had Leo and it quickly turned into a catch-all for the house. I piled the desk with receipts for a budget project we're working on; there are gifts, ribbon, baby stuff -- it's all here.

So the plan is to get this place back in order. It's right off the dining room so it's a bit unsightly when we have dinner guests.

2. Finish our bedroom: We've made several changes to our bedroom but it's not quite finished.

I need to put up the curtains I just picked up for a sweet deal ($23!) from West Elm.

I'd like to finish this little vignette area with a radiator shelf and some tchotchkes.

We also want to put some sort of accent wall behind our bed whether it's a paint treatment or wallpaper. I might consider changing the bedding as well, but I'm a bit partial to brown and grey for some reason. In the corner there is an old chair that needs to be reupholstered as well. I'm thinking some sort of teal colour to match the teal in the rug.

3. This ikea table has been around for a long, long time, and it shows.

I've had big plans for it for years but I keep putting it off. My goal is to make it into a bench that I can either put at the foot of my bed or by the window in my room. Again, thinking of teal of some sort with some new legs. Stay tuned for that.

4. Last but not least (for this post -- there is always something else to do! :)) I want to finish the mudroom.

Right now it's stuck in a bit of limbo. I'd like to finish the window with some trim and a blind and that will be good enough for now. We have plans down the road to rip up the floor to put radiant heating because it gets pretty cold in there over the winter months.

Don't you just love how I have shown you all the messy rooms in our house? Lord we have some work to do...

What are your house plans for 2011?


  1. Wow. You're no joke. I wish I had half the house mojo you've got. We do have plans to completely redo our horribly boring bathroom. And I'd love to spend some serious money on furniture. But that's not in the plans. Looking forward to seeing your changes.

  2. first, i LOVE the gray wall color! makes me want to repaint (sunroom maybe...). second, glad you keep it real...every one of us has mess. third, we are in the process of picking out granite for our kitchen counters - should be installed within 2 weeks! so excited!! then once spring comes we plan to build a deck around our sunroom. good luck with your projects!

  3. OMG your office photos make me want to come over and start tidying it up for you!!!!!!

    Seriously...I have issues!

    The house looks the 8-10th months of mat leave you will be able to get more projects done! Do be to hard on yourself now!


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