Figure 8 Scarf

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is my first sewing project of 2011: The Anna Maria Horner Figure 8 Scarf. Yes I can't believe it's almost APRIL and I'm just posting a sewing project. I looked back in this blog and I used to be a sewing machine!

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out though I'm not sure I'll ever wear it. I love it but I'm not one for flowers. I bought the fabric to step out of my grey box so we'll see. Mark thinks it looks too big, as in puffy.

It was pretty easy to sew, but I did have a few hiccups considering the fabrics are kind of shiny and I'm more of a 100%-cotton-no-swearing-while-cutting-and-sewing type of girl.

(don't you love the side look look? I figure if I look sideways it will make me look less tired... did it work? :P)

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  1. Reading your last seven posts made me smile for seven different reasons... the biggest ones being:
    this pretty picture of you (in a completed sewing project!)
    the great grey and yellow photo (I'm such a sucker for that combo)
    your basement photos - I'm so impressed with the projects you're tackling


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