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Monday, April 04, 2011

I never thought I would love new basement columns as much as I love the new ones in our basement. This is what the columns used to look like:

Pretty huh?

We were actually going to live with them but the problem is that they're actually sinking -- well maybe not anymore but the floor sinks down under each column which would have made it REALLY FUN to put engineered hardwood down. Plus, when we moved in, we had to add a third column because the other two weren't doing a great job. So Mark said "Let's do this right" and he had a guy come in to pour new footings and install new columns. So now it looks like this right now:

I love these columns! The change has made it so much more open which will help fitting our ginormous black leather sectional into the room (provided we get it down the stairs -- but I'm sure I've mentioned that before...).

Next up on the schedule: this week some guys are coming to demo all of the concrete, then the plumbers are coming to put in-floor heating. We found out that it's actually cheaper to put the radiant floor heating then to get rads in the basement so we're sold. After that is done, the concrete will be poured and then we can start on the drywall etc. I can't wait!

ps- Have you seen Janice's basement reno updates? Her reno is moving along swiftly and it's shaping up to be so nice! I can't wait to see the final basement!

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