new chairs (or: there is officially nowhere to stand in my living room)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Yesterday the fam and I went to my sister's for some yummy eats. She's the only person I know who can make tofu taste really good.

On the way there, we were side tracked by a garage sale. It wasn't your typical garage sale though. According to the signs, it was a 'designer garage sale' and all the stuff was camped out in an industrial parking lot. What caught my eye were some chairs they had for sale. I have a little bit of a rubber necking problem when it comes to chairs on the side of the road and at garage sales. I'm surprised I haven't gotten whip lash yet.

Anyway we turned around and went to check out the chairs. There was something I liked about them right away: they were in mint condition, super comfy and although they weren't a typical garage sale price, they were a good deal. So we got them for the living room upstairs when we move our gigantic black sectional to the basement.

The brown worn leather look isn't really our style so I want to reupholster these in a creamy linen colour. I'm going to do this myself (when I have time ha!) because it's a relatively easy job compared to most chairs.

Can't wait to get the basement done so we get some order back to this house!

Happy Monday!


  1. I can absolutely see why you bought those! What a great find :-)

  2. I love when you can score great deals at a garage sale! I like how the chair looks worn out, gives it more personality, don't ya think?

    have a great day!
    - stephanie

  3. @Stephanie - yes the worn look does give it a bit of personality but not sure the brown is really part of my colour scheme. Who knows I might get used it while we're waiting to rearrange things!

    Thanks for your comment!
    (also a Stephanie ;))

  4. Love the chairs Steph! I actually like the brown leather too, looks almost taupe from the pics. Great find!


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