I'm sorry pardon?

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm currently looking for a basket to put beside the fireplace in the basement and I found one on Crate and Barrel that I really like. Since C&B delivers to Canada now, I thought I would see how much it would cost to ship it here instead of getting my lazy bum in the car to go to Yorkdale to check it out for myself (I love online shopping and once ordered a pair of Birks from Get Outside on Queen Street when it would have taken me 15 mins to drive there...).

Anyway, I went through the process of checking out to see what the shipping would be and did a quadruple take at the total. Check out it in the screen shot I snapped below. I thought I did something wrong but I don't think so?!


  1. SAY WHAT?

    I want this basket too...do you want to pick one up for me and deliver it? I will pay you 4 times the cost of the basket!


    Seriously though, I may get my better half to run out to yorkdale this weekend.

  2. Crazy right? I have to get out there too one of these days. I haven't been to JCrew yet which is crazy in itself! Honestly I live maybe 15 mins away from Yorkdale! I'm so lazy :)

  3. THAT IS NUTS! OMG! Made me laugh out loud.

  4. That has to be a mistake. I mean shipping + duties can be nasty but that's insanity.


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