Sunday, February 19, 2012

We got home today from a week in Florida and the house is a mess. I could have sworn we cleaned it before we left.... I guess that's what unpacking and a million loads of laundry will do to you.

Oh and I took this pic the week before I left. I'm 15 weeks now (14 in the pic I guess) and I already look like I'm 5 months pregnant. I guess the second really does show up quicker! Damn (lack of) abs ;).

Happy Family Day to those who have the day off!

Update - I guess I'm 16 weeks pregnant now, not 15, so apparently your brain fries a bit faster in the second pregnancy as well. Thank goodness for BabyCenter!


  1. You look fantastic!! Hope you are feeling well :-)

  2. Way to POP!
    I was huge early on too with number two!!

    and I got WAY MORE STRETCH MARKS at the beware! (i only had 4 simple ones from the first time)

  3. Ha! Ya I just found a pic from when I was 20 weeks with the first and I seem way bigger now! Lord...


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