24 weeks and getting pointy

Monday, April 16, 2012

Here she is at 24 weeks! It seems she's getting a bit pointy in there...

24 weeks! This kid's getting pointy!

I found a pic of me when I was 6 months with Leo in Chicago for our 'babymoon'...

Dunno - kind of the same? Who knows...

Happy Monday!

ps- I tried to smile this time - my best friend C says I need to smile more in these pics, but I can't think about smiling and hold the phone at the same time - too much thinking!


  1. You look fantastic!! Cute bump, lady :-)

    PS Smiling in self portraits is weird if you ask me. I've tried. It isn't fun or flattering haha

  2. Ha thanks! It is weird to try to smile especially when no one else is around. What if the postal guy saw me through the door smiling at myself?? Creepy ;)


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