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Friday, May 18, 2012

Sometimes it's the small things that make me the most happy. Yesterday I headed out the door to grab something for lunch and I ended up at Staples. After revealing the disaster nursery the other day I wanted to get started organizing the filing cabinet in the room. While at Staples I found a wall of Martha Stewart fun and grabbed a cute little document hanger thingamabob to hold all the crap we keep at the entrance into the kitchen.

I didn't take a before shot (I didn't think you needed to see more mess!), but here's the after. Ahhh I love how everything is off the counter and out of the way and the colour kind of blends in with the backsplash.

Neat and tidy.

I also picked up a bigger doc hanger for my take out menus! I got the idea from Maillardville Manor. Such a great idea. Now I just have to tackle the rest of the junk drawer :).

mmm pizza.

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  1. What a fantastic idea for your take out menus!!


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