weekend: part 2 - save high park zoo!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

My sisters and I wanted to have brunch with my mom this past weekend so we decided to go to Grenadier Cafe in High Park and then check out the zoo.

Me with my sisters Stacey and Kaite

First off: I was super surprised to find the Cafe half empty. I thought for sure it would be packed at 10, but there was tons of room on the patio where we ate. And the food was really good! Leo threw his on the floor, but that's no surprise. In fact, he was super grumpy and basically just walked around the patio talking to people and going up and down the stairs...


...playing with Daddy... everything but eating...

After brunch, we walked over to the zoo. If you live in Toronto, you've likely heard that it'll be closing in June unless they can raise enough money to save it. So sad.

We strolled Leo around to check out the animals. He didn't have much of a reaction to be honest.

He did look a little startled to see the lama up close...

Whoa Lama

Looking as started as a 17-month-old looks when he's really grumpy.

After the zoo, we walked over to a plant sale they have every year. I believe this year the money raised is going towards the zoo. I was so happy to see that some of the cherry blossoms were still out in full force. It was gorgeous!

So that was my weekend!

As a bit of a side note, today is Mark's and my wedding anniversary! We got hitched 4 years ago which I honestly can't believe. Seems WAY longer! ;)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love how your anniversary gets a side note as opposed to it's very own post :) I should try and get the kids to High Park before the zoo closes!

  2. Well it's only 4 ;) Watch out next year will be a week's worth of posts! :P


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