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Monday, June 04, 2012

In my never ending task of cleaning the house to make room for the new baby, I came across my old recipes and home binder full of tear sheets. I think I did this about seven years ago or so pre-pinterest. I'm sure you all have similar binders.

You can tell by the dust accumulation that it hasn't been used in awhile.

When I saw it I thought: Don't need those! I'll just throw them out. But then I started flipping through and I still love this stuff! Plus it's kind of fun to see how my style has changed over the years (answer: not that much!)

So let's see....

I have some yummy recipes...

And some inspiration for the home (at the time I lived in a 600 square foot bungalow not much to work with!)

I had this page pinned to my bulletin board for ages - it seemed so fresh to me.

I once had an unhealthy obsession with the Noguchi table. I really wanted one of these suckers.

This pic kind of looks like a combo of my main floor and basement bathrooms (I said kind of...).

A fresh and airy bedroom with a simple ensuite

I remember absolutely loving this outdoor living area. I kept wondering how I could make it work in my little backyard.

Lots of fun going through this stuff - I even found a recipe for dinner last night!

Now for some random thoughts:
  • Have you ever worn an apron while cooking? I put one on tonight for the first time because I was wearing a white shirt and I've been having a really bad track record spilling on myself every day. Why haven't I don't this before?? Very Suzy-Homemaker, but very smart.
  • I think Leo is getting interested in potty training - he now says "Bye bye pee pee" when the toilet flushes..."
  • Do you have a pet? Do you want one? Just kidding (kind of) my cat is driving me bonkers. He nips at my toes and meows all the time these days. I think he realizes that there is another baby coming into the house and I'm sure he's not too happy about it.
  • I'm half-way through a book for my street book club. We're reading Caleb's Crossing and I'm really liking it so far. I wasn't sure I would because it takes place in the 1600s and the language was a bit hard to get used to but I did! I really want to finish it because I have yet to finish one yet for this group! A book a month is hard to do these days...
  • So ya... better get reading...
  • Happy Monday!


  1. In regards to your apron comment, if I'm doing the last of my prep while dressed in my party outfit, I put an apron on. I spill all the time so aprons are a must for me.

  2. I kind of wish I had a binder like these, specifically one for recipes. I work from an online recipe off my computer all the time, but I would always prefer to have a paper copy. And flipping through a book... Pinterest can't replace that!

    I have a cute apron hanging off the handle of my freezer door but I find I rarely think to put it on... should definitely change that.

  3. I have binders like this myself, but seeing as I'm the tech scaredy cat, I still use them. Yours are much more nicely arranged than mine, though... I see a rainy day project in my future.


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