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Monday, September 24, 2012

Hey there.

Remember I was working on a nursery? I'm not entirely finished working on it, but I'm still waiting on a mirror (hence the graphic placement above) in addition to a few other details and I don't have patience to wait any longer, so I'm showing you what I've got so far. Why not?

I had a lot of fun working on this room. More fun than I think I had working on Leo's room and I think that's because I gave myself the challenge to use what I had around the house. Obviously we had to get a new crib (Leo will be in his crib until he's 20 if I have anything to do with it) and a dresser, but most other things I had on hand. Just as a reminder, here is the post about what I started with in terms of colours.

[image above] I looked everywhere for a dresser. Well not everywhere, but I knew that I didn't really want another ikea dresser if I could help it. My friend C sent me a pic of this from kijiji and I thought it was perfect for the room. It was only $30! For the most part it's in good shape, but it does need a bit of work. The top needs a bit of sanding and I'm thinking of painting it white. We changed the legs because it was a tad too high for the change pad. We got those at Home Depot.

(The little piece of white on the floor under the dresser is a piece of diaper in case you were wondering. Let me know if you like it and I'll tell you where I got it... ;))

The frames are from ikea that I sprayed gold (Lindsay has an awesome post about how to get the perfect look. I did not follow her instructions because I did these awhile ago - I just sprayed a couple good 'ol coats on these and called it a day).

The first picture is from my sister that she gave me years ago that I hadn't put up yet. The second is an e. e. cummings quote I got from etsy. The third picture is also from etsy and is called Girl in the Yellow Suit by Lisa Golightly (what a great name!). I actually had this as favourite since I was pregnant with Leo. When I found out I was having a boy I put it on hold, but quickly snapped it up when I was pregnant this time around. I love it and was so excited to add it to the room.

Here is a little shot over the crib with the little bun squirming around. Mark and I have been carrying these square canvases around for years in the hopes of having an 'art day'. Not sure what type of art we were going to do, but I decided to use them in the room.

She seems to like them, non?

First I sprayed the sides gold (kind of roughly - I was looking for a certain unfinished look) and I used some modpodge to glue some craft paper to the surface. We used two-sided tape to hang them so they don't come crashing down on Mila when she's dreaming about sugar plums.

I wrote about the mobile here. I found it on etsy and love it. I think Mila loves it too. Doesn't she look like she's cheering?

The pillows were made with left over fabric and I made the crib sheet which I wrote about here. (You can't see them, but there are little Mila hairs all over the sheet leaving her with a little mohawk type hair-do.)

This shelf was in the room when it was a spare bedroom. I don't have much to put on it but figure I can just add little trinkets or books as I get them. We decided to keep the honkin' boom box from Mark's university days. He can't bare to see it go and I wanted something in the room for music. Again... using what we have.

I wanted to put a family shot of us in her room. Not sure what we'll put in the other frame - I found it at my Mom's place and thought it suited the room. The little jade dragon is something my sister picked up on her recent trip to China and I covered an old jewelry box with more craft paper to add a bit of colour to the room. The photo behind the framed photos is something a friend gave to me some time ago.

I picked up these cute elephant book ends from Homesense. I also have two books my mom gave me years ago about mothers and daughters to add to Mila's little library.

I made these blocks for Leo's room and decided to move them here to try to hid the boom box ;).

Mila's little shoe collection. My sister actually gave the boots to Leo but I've moved them here for Mila.

This is the glider I had in Leo's room. I was going to have it painted but it just isn't worth it. I made the pillow years ago and wrote about the lamp and clock projects here and here. So far the pouf is working well for my feet while nursing.

Again, just waiting on some glass for the mirror. It's the same mirror we used in Leo's room (we have two). I made a change pad cover but you know... it's in the laundry. Babies are messy! Did you know that??? The laundry basket is from Fabricland of all places. Also we had the rug already. Not my first choice but it does the trick.

I'm not really sure what to do with this little corner. I want the plant in the room, but don't really have anywhere to put it. My neighbour had this ironing board, so I decided to take it but it's a bit wobbly for the plant. I want to make a shelf for the rad so maybe it could go on that.

Here's a wide-ish shot which includes the curtains I made and our jet engine ceiling fan (Good thing we're short 'round here because you'll likely get a good hair cut if you're over 6 feet tall with that thing).

So there it is. I'll add more pics once I get that darn mirror done. What do you think?


  1. What a beautiful little space for little Mila!! I am in love with the colour palette and the curtains just make the space. Nice work!! I'm sure Mila loves it :)

  2. I"m totally blown away by all of the special details of the nursery. What a sweet space you've created. I swear I gotta get me some of that pregnancy mojo!


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