miss mila - eight months

Monday, April 15, 2013

Miss Mila turned eight months old yesterday. I'm sad that I'm on the other side of my maternity leave. I've been so flip floppy about going back to work but I'm pretty sure I'm going back now. I have a pretty good situation going in that I work from home most days which gives me a lot of flexibility for doing pick ups and drop offs. Also I found a daycare a couple blocks away that I really like. The only kicker is that they won't take Mila until she's 15 months old, so I'll have to figure out what to do. I'm considering keeping her home for those three months and then getting part-time care for the days I do have to travel to my office. Likely crazy but it'll only be for three months. We'll see...

Mila has turned into a champion eater - yay! Maybe I shouldn't jinx myself? She's still on purees mostly, but I did give her some chunks of sweet potato today and she seemed to really like it. She has already eaten more than Leo did at that age!

Her sleeping is pretty regular. She goes to sleep at 6:30 or so most nights and she'll get up a couple times but I just give her a soother and she'll fall back asleep until between 4-6:30 when I'll feed her. So far she's a super happy girl. Giving us lots of smiles and she's got her daddy wrapped around her finger already that's for sure!

Happy Eight Months little chickpea! Love Mama.

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