updating the ottoman

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

There is a major effort over in these parts to get rid of some brown. My house basically consists of brown, grey and some sort of white or beige. There is a lot of brown because of course, the floor is brown too.

I had some fabric leftover from my office bench so I decided to use it to cover the ottoman (which is brown) in my living room. I didn't have a big enough piece to do it in one shot, so I followed the lines of the leather and cut the fabric into six: four for the top and two for the sides. I sewed them up, covered the brown leather and stapled the fabric to the bottom of the ottoman. Then I refastened the legs. Easy peasy. I'm liking it way better than the brown.

I'm still not sure what I'll do with the matching chairs but I'd like to do some sort of colour. The problem is that not too many colours go nicely with the chair legs (I don't want to paint them).

Any suggestions?


  1. Loving this ottoman transformation. The fabric makes it look super stylish. Would love to give you a recommendation on the chair color but I'm new to your blog and don't really have a sense of what would look good at this point.

  2. The ottoman looks awesome! While grey is what I want to recommend for the chairs, I think you probably have enough of that color in your home now, right? Would you consider doing another modern print like the one on the ottoman that incorporates gray and other colors? What about doing a chocolate brown (or is that too close to the color of the wood)? Is yellow too crazy?


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