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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Well that week flew by didn't it?! I had a few 'deadlines' to get done this week. I say 'deadlines' because they were kind of nerdy deadlines. They weren't work related but they were deadlines nonetheless. Ok you want to know? I had to finish my book club book and finalize my photobook for Mila (I had a groupon that was expiring) by Wednesday. Oh the STRESS! Well I managed to get them both done and now I can concentrate on other things.

Anyway last week I was invited to a little blogger shindig for the latest Princess Margaret show home and wow what a house. There were a lot of bowling alley type situations that Leo would love and while he'd be playing, I would hole myself up in the master bathroom because, hello, it's a library too. Insane. Mark would probably be in the basement working out in the exercise room that is bigger than my house and Mila would just be crawling around looking for me.

I took a few pics (74), but I'm no photographer so my photos don't do the house justice at all. It really is quite gorgeous.

I have to make a little comment about Brian Gluckstein because I was a tad star-struck meeting him.

I've watched him for years on CityLine and have always loved his designs and style, but I thought that he'd likely act like a 'star'. Well... I could not have been more wrong. He is such a nice and down-to-earth person. He was very hospitable, answered all of our questions like they were the best questions ever asked, and he's just a funny guy. Oh and he's tall.

Or I'm short.

God my eyes are so wide and star-strucky.

Yes my friends, this is the master bathroom/library of congress

If you'd like to see better photos than mine, head over to the Princess Margaret lotto website and check them out. It's pretty insane.

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  1. I love posts chock-full of design eye candy! And this doesn't disappoint!

    (Also, I would be just as star-struck meeting Brian! What a cool opportunity!)


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