One Bedford: Deck Inspiration

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

As I mentioned in my last post, I was really impressed with the entrance at One Bedford. What I loved most were the straight lines and wood colour of the dividers. I would love that look for our deck and fence. Mark says that the wood is natural, worn over time, but I couldn't tell. What do you think? We're also looking for accent colours for our house and I'm really loving the green-grey around the frame.

The dark rock used in the garden caught my eye as well. We have grasses with white rock on our deck and just last week I was saying to Mark that I wanted to try the dark variety. Super pretty.

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  1. I've always wanted a slat fence for the deck too. I think the wood is in its natural colour too with a clear stain. Did you look at the backside of the dividers and see if the wood was a consistent colour all around? The building seems fairly new so I would think the wood was light when installed. It seems a bit quick for it to weather to that tone.


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