Rustic Wooden Benches

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mark and I took the kids on a little cottage vacation in the 1000 Islands a couple weeks ago and we were traveling along Highway 2 on the way to Kingston (by mistake I might add) when I saw this sign:

Rustic Wooden Benches?! Ahhh! I pretty much got whiplash cranking my head to have a look at the benches as we were driving by and then I yelled: TURN AROUND!!!

So we went back to see what the benches were all about. We drove up the driveway to a beautiful modern-looking farmhouse (there were chickens walking around!) and down the steps came a good looking, super friendly guy with glasses in his hand.

Turns out that guy is Omar Hogbin and he makes these benches in his spare time with a couple other guys. Omar actually runs a swanky company called Model Berri and started building benches as a stress reliever. People started noticing his work and more custom orders started coming in. He makes everything from rustic picnic tables to flower boxes. As a joke he and his friends came up with the name Clutch & Joke for their little company.

Well of course we snagged a bench while we were there, which we had absolutely no room for but we made it work! When we got it home I put it in the mudroom. I had moved our other bench to the living room so we needed something for the back.

Omar doesn't have a website for Clutch & Joke, but if you happen to be traveling on Highway 2 from Gananoque to Kingston keep your eyes out for the big sign! I'm sure he'll hook you up!


  1. What a find! looks great.

  2. I would have turned the car around too ;) You found a perfect spot of the bench. I love the reclaimed look. We're considering a summer vacation to the 1000 Islands or Kingston too. Hope you post about it!

    1. You'd love it! I'm from this area (ish) and I never get tired of seeing the sites. Kingston is really growing. The downtown area is absolutely gorgeous this time of year.

  3. Those benches are amazing! I love the simplicity of the lines. We used to live in Oshawa and trips to the Kingston area were often. I miss the little towns in Prince Edward County and the 1000 Island area.

  4. "Rustic Wooden Benches " always look great! The benches are all amazing... and thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog.


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